Sunday, May 16, 2010

A tour and some sun

Today our group was scheduled for a five-hour walking tour of the city with our guide, Kristin.  We checked out amazing architecture, memorials and sculptures while absorbing an entire history lesson.   Two hours into the walk, the sun finally came out.  It was beautiful.

Here are some pics from the tour.

After the tour the group wanted food, but the only place we could find was a kebab place, which meant I was outta luck while everyone else munched away.  I had eaten only two oranges all day, so I decided to head back to the hotel in search of a veggie restaurant instead of exploring Alexanderplatz with everyone else.

On the tram on the way back, I saw this girl with pink hair and facial piercings and really wanted a shot of her.  So when she turned her head I snapped a picture, and she flipped!  She started yelling at me in German, and I thought she was going to hit me.  I pointed to my own hair in an attempt to explain why I was taking the picture, but she wasn't having it.  I just turned around and protected my camera with my hands in case she tried anything.

The shot is a little blurry, but I wanted to put it in here anyway because it was an interesting experience.

I did find a great restaurant, though.  There's a cute little vegetarian/vegan spot a street over from the hotel called Manna.  I couldn't read the all-German menu, but that was no problem at all because the English-speaking chef came out and talked about every entree with me.

The cook is from London and came to Berlin on a visit and ended up playing in a band and doing theatre.  I smelled an idea for my photo project.

The vegetable soup and salad were delicious.  I could really taste the freshness of the beans and potatoes in the soup.  After finishing, I talked to Dani (the chef) about possibly working with me for my project, and he agreed!  I scribbled down his number and will be in touch in the next few days about an interview and further details.


  1. Wow, that girl looks really angry...that's an interesting expression to catch.

    That's awesome about the interview at Manna! The soup looks super delicious.

  2. haha the german lady was probably crazy. people have tried stealing my camera before in downtown miami. the soup looks pretty good, wheres the beef in it tho.