Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Berlin project: DONE

Today is my last day in Berlin, and everyone has completed and turned in their projects, including me.

Using Soundslides, I compiled pictures and audio of my subject to tell a story, or at least try to tell a story.  Here's the two-paragraph blurb that goes along with my project:

            Dani Cunningham came to Berlin in December of 2009 in search of art.  And that’s exactly what he found.  The 36-year-old musician, actor and all-around creative guy became involved in several projects upon his arrival.  He played in a successful local band, had a job, was working on a movie and had a special girl in his life, however, the bliss for this entertainer didn’t last.  The last two months have proved to be trying times for this struggling artist.
            Cunningham recently lost his job, his girlfriend and funding for the film he was starring in. Despite these unfortunate events, this London-born dreamer believes he can pull through in a vibrant city such as Berlin.   What he says is most important at this stage in his life is coming back to earth and getting grounded again. What will that take?  He’s just not sure yet, but he says he’s willing to find out.

Here are some shots from my project:

The Web site for all the projects will be finished soon, so keep checking back for updates.


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