Sunday, May 9, 2010

Killarney is for nature lovers

This past weekend, I traveled from Galway to Killarney.  The bus trip was around six or seven hours with a change in Limerick.  Killarney is in the south of Ireland.  

I stayed at the Sugan Hostel.  It was a cozy little spot that smelled like wood.  The staff lit the fireplace every night.  Very low-key.

I had a few hours of daylight left Thursday night so I wandered around to check out the sights.  Just a few blocks from my hostel was a gym and pool at the Killarney Towers Hotel & Leisure Center.  I was so excited.

I paid six euro to use their gym for 1.5 hours.  It was great to exercise my body after a long day of sitting on a bus.  
Friday I rented a bike from my hostel for 10 euro and rode around to Ross Castle.

Then I headed to Killarney National Park.  This park is HUGE.  I got lost a few times but it didn't matter because the sights were so beautiful.  There were people walking their dogs and strolling their babies around on the paved path.

Some of the natives:

I rode over to the side of the park with all the historic buildings and sights.  This is the Muckross House.  I didn't really want to go inside and take a tour because the weather was too beautiful to pass up.

I parked my bike by the House and decided to go for a little hike.  Something really special happens when I'm outside enjoying nature on my own.  I feel connected. Instead of jamming to my iPod or talking on the phone, I get the chance to listen to my own footsteps, to hear the gravel crunching under me, the twigs snapping and the birds having conversations. 

I hiked to Torc Waterfall and stopped to take a few pictures.  This is the third waterfall I've ever seen.  I loved playing with the shutter speed on my camera to get different effects with the water.  

I kept on walking and walking until I realized that I probably should've taken the bike.  Even though the views were awesome my feet were not feeling so awesome.

When I finally reached the Muckross House again, I looked at my map and figured out that I'd walked around eight miles, which would've been fine if I'd worn the right shoes.
Saturday morning I hopped on the bus to head to Dublin and meet up with the Boyfriend.  I had a stop in Limerick again.  And of course I had to have a another sundried tomato sandwich, but this time I opted for the green pepper instead of onion.

Do you have any favorite nature spots?  What's special about them?


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  2. That sandwich looks really really inviting.