Monday, May 17, 2010

Bike tour!

Today the group went on a five-hour bike tour with Fat Tire Bike Tours.  We started and ended at Alexanderplatz, riding through the liberal, hip parts of the city in between.

Here's where breakfast and mid-day snacks have been coming from:

The guide for our bike tour was Carissa, an American who came from Oklahoma to study in Berlin and has lived in the city for four years.

We stopped by the remains of the Berlin Wall.  A massive reconstruction of all the artwork on the wall was done last year.  All different types of murals and paintings covered the historical monument.

My brain had a hard time understanding this metaphor, but I liked it anyway:

I tried to be all artsy and take a picture of the reflection of the Wall in the window of this car:

This guy was pretty cool:

And then Marissa jumped in and whispered something in his ear.

Then we traveled over to Kreuzberg, a liberal, hip neighborhood.
"Neo Punk:"

A lot of crazy graffitti.


Caught in action:

A couple embraces:

A boat passing by the "Molecule Men," a monument representing the connection of three different districts in Berlin:

We rode through a nearby park that was filled with hippy-types and people relaxing.

This is a really famous "squat."  The idea behind it is people inhabit abandoned buildings and make homes for themselves until the government kicks them out.

And, finally, the TV Tower by Alexanderplatz.


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