Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Happenings On

SO.  Here's what's going on with us.

1.  Had an amazing Halloween experience.  Volunteered on Saturday for the Fest 9, a massive punk festival that happens during the last Friday, Saturday and Sunday of October.  Basically, hundreds of  punk bands take over the entire downtown Gainesville area and play their hearts out.

We saw some great new talent, such as Larry and His Flask out of Oregon.  Crazy double bass.

2.  Saw Frank Turner  perform on Sunday night and cried my eyes out because the show was so magnificent.  The crowd was a bit lively at times, but it was all OK in the end because once the venue owners kicked us out, Frank Turner walked over to the parking lot alongside the building and kept on playing until the cops threatened to start arresting people.

Here's a pic we found on Twitter later that night after returning home.  It's Ged in his costume (we dressed as bloodied schoolkids).

And as I was writing this post, Ged sent me a link to a flickr account that had tons of photos from the Fest, including several from the F. Turner show.

Here they are thanks to Nicole Kibert / www.elawgrrl.com.  See if you can spot me or Ged...we're wearing the blood-spattered shirts near the front of the stage.  A bit hard to see us clearly in these shots but they were the best ones I could find.

And in the parking lot...(I'm on the right hand side of the picture)

 We loved the show so much I bought tickets that night to his show in Jacksonville (FL) on Memorial Day.

And last but not least:

3.  Signed up for another century.  After completing my first imperial century on Oct. 24, I decided to give it another go, so I'll be riding through central Florida on Nov. 21 for the annual "Horrible Hundred" ride.

Next on our list is the Florida Writers' Festival, an event held at the University that includes several established writers and poets.  Looking forward to it.  And maybe we'll fit in a shuttle launch between now and then if the NASA people get it together?



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