Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Gainesville Cycling Festival: Part II

On Sunday, Ged and I road the Horse Farm Hundred, a 100-mile course that takes you through north-central Florida and all of the horse farms in that area.

It was the first time I'd ever done a century and it was great.

I'll take you through the day with pictures from Ged.

Just outside the high school where we started:

The first 30 miles were nice and easy.  We stopped at the first rest stop to grab some snacks and fill up the water bottles.

The jersey I'm wearing comes from my mom's company, North Star Corporate Housing.  She's sponsoring me.  :)

The next rest stop was at the 50-mile mark.  By this point, my butt and legs were starting to ache.  I couldn't believe that I still had 50 more miles to go...

A 15-minute lunch break:

I rode miles 50-75 by myself because no pace lines were in sight and Ged was too fast.  It was hard but doable.

We stopped once more at the 75-mile mark for a quick drink and bite then we were off for the FINAL LEG.

Let me just say, I kicked butt the last 25 miles.  I can't explain it, but my body and mind felt replenished and my legs felt stronger than ever.  I pulled a pace line for a couple of miles at speeds between 19-21mph.  It was awesome.

I broke away from that pace line because the riders wanted to stop, and I caught up with another group of people as the finish line was approaching.  I felt so victorious rolling back into the parking lot where we had left earlier that day.

It took me 5h57m to complete my first century.  I'm happy with that time.



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