Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Gimme more hillz.

This past Sunday, Ged and I completed the 31st annual Horrible Hundred, a ride that took us around Orlando and the baby hills in that area.  'Twas good fun.

101 miles in just over six hours.

Of course, pictures always tell the story better...

We parked about a mile from the start line and only had a few minutes to grab some fuel before starting the ride.  Banana and muffin for me.

The first bit took us around a nice lake.  Very scenic and a nice warm-up.

Then the little climbs started.  It was nice to actually feel some road beneath me.  I actually miss climbing.

I was feeling really good about the ride.  My legs felt great; strong and light.

At about 50 miles, though, Ged started to feel really uncomfortable on the bike.  He was riding my old bike with my old saddle, so he didn't exactly fit it very well.

Hence, lots of stretching and laying down at rest stops.

Then the weather started to turn on us.  Some drizzling, forceful winds and dark clouds.

I looked at the weather as an opportunity to prove myself as a cyclist:  I rode hard against the wind and tucked my head when it rained.

For most of the ride, I didn't draft off of anyone.  I felt like I should be able to ride by myself.  I guess that's the independent side of me.

Child's pose for Ged:

The end of the ride couldn't come soon enough.  Ged's bottom had had enough and my energy levels were dropping.

Veggie burgers and a chocolate muffin for my efforts!

Thanks so much, North Star Corporate Housing for sponsoring us.

I think I might have one more century left in me before the year ends.



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