Monday, November 29, 2010

Challenge(s) Accepted.

This past week, I spent some much-needed time with my family for Thanksgiving.  Lots of laughing, talking and eating.

Congratulations, Grandma and Grandpa for renewing your vows.

One of my beautiful nephews, Braden:

I've recently decided to do two things in the near future:

     1.  Ride in the 2nd annual Holiday Hundred this Sunday in Sanford, Fl., which gives 100% of the ride's profits toward buying bikes for children.  Great cause, if you ask me.  I figure my body is conditioned enough to ride another century since I just did one eight days ago...

     2.  I've signed up for the Fat Cyclist's challenge to lose 10 pounds by Dec. 23.  I figure it'll make me faster on the bike AND he's giving away some pretty sweet prizes, such as cool Garmin-Transition Jerseys, snazzy t-shirts and other stuff.  I hope I win something!

Here goes nothin'



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