Monday, November 15, 2010

Swing Life Away

Weekend recap:


Took pictures for the Gainesville Guardian that morning/afternoon.  Peewee football...small boys playing football.

They look like this (this is not my picture):

(source --my pics aren't up yet)

Then, it was time for some Florida football against the University of South Carolina.

Unfortunately, the Gators played poorly, but Ged and I enjoyed ourselves anyway.

Exhibit A:

Take 2:

The Fighting Gators band and almost 91,000 people in the stands.

Let the game begin!

This is very upsetting...

After a bad Saturday night, we needed Sunday to be great.    So, we went to Cedar Key, about 55 mi. west of Gainesville.  Cedar Key is a small town on the Gulf Coast with about 1,000 people.

The day started off well enough.  I think the next picture says it all.  He's looking very chic, no?

A quick walk away from the pier and we found SWINGS.  Release the inner child...

Cedar Key even gave me my own street.

And one for Ged, too.

We turned down a road and drove a bit further and there was a plane taking off right in front of us.  Yep, we were driving on an airplane runway.  Gotta love small villages.

Then it was Hammock Time.  Life is better in a hammock.  Fact.  

Ged bought another hammock built for two people at the downtown Art Festival two weekends ago.  It's very comfortable and easy to travel with.  Check it out.

We drove on to a state park and climbed up to a spot where the sunset would be visible.  Travel Scrabble ensued for a bit.

The sunset was great.  Didn't take pictures because we were too busy enjoying it for ourselves.  It's important to be present in the moment instead of obsessing over pictures methinks.


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