Saturday, November 6, 2010

Like Bikes? See this movie.

On Thursday evening, Ged and I embarked on a trip to the movie theaters, a rare occurrence for us considering the high prices of movie tickets.  (Yes, I am a bit cheap because I'm a college student...)

Let me tell you, my friends, that the money spent on these tickets was a good if not excellent decision.

Why?  Because we saw Race Across the Sky (2010), a film about this year's Leadville Trail 100 MTB Race, a 100-mile mountain bike race in Leadville, Colorado.

While I am NOT a mountain biker, I thoroughly enjoyed the film.  I'll admit I even cried during a few different occasions when ordinary people were talking about their struggles and triumphs in life and how this race has helped them through hard times (ie. death of a loved one, illness, etc.).  I even asked Ged if I could borrow his hankie to wipe away some tears...

(Sidenote:  Just in case you need proof that I love and will always love road bikes, please see the photo below taken on the island of Elba this past June)

Anyway, back to the movie.

The reasons I did enjoy it so much was not only did the directors/producers do a great job of including footage of the pros as well as footage of everyday people, but the editing and cinematography was fantastic.  The videographers followed the riders everywhere and they shot at some of the most interesting angles (high, low, aerial).  As a photojournalism student who is currently studying video production, this really impressed me and I could tell just how much work and effort those cameramen put into this project.

Well done.  Now go see it.



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