Thursday, July 29, 2010

Rain, Rain, Go Away.

The schizophrenic Florentine weather is really showing its colors today.

Yesterday could not have been more clear and beautiful.  It's a tragedy that Ged and I spent ALL of Wednesday shopping for camping supplies and electronics instead of riding.

Today, neither one of us has left the flat.  The single window in our apartment has been shut most of the day to prevent water from dripping in.  And Ged has been cursing himself for not riding yesterday when the weather was good.

On another note, Ged bought a new Sony digital camera, which will replace the one he lost at The Prodigy concert a few weeks ago in Spain.

We're both sitting around tapping away on our computers.  He's still in his dressing gown and I'm wrapped in a bath towel.  Simple comforts.



  1. Hi there! I just found your blog and I gotta tell you, I think what you're doing is pretty much the coolest thing ever! I teach high school PE in Southern California. Last year I helped chaperon a European tour for the kids and I fell in love with Europe- more specifically Italy and especially Florence and Rome!

    Combine that with my love for fitness and I'm totally jealous of your summer! I'm working on my masters and for my thesis, I am creating an outdoor adventure program for teenagers, so you and your biking are definitely of interest to me! I look forward to hearing more about your trip!

  2. @Kristen

    Thanks for the nice words, Kristen!