Monday, July 26, 2010

Final Countdown

I woke up today wanting to ride.

I finally felt like my awful cold was dissipating.  After I kitted up and set my playlist on the iPod for my first ride in about two weeks, I headed to the garage to find that not only were my tires flat but my front brake was loose.

I marched back to the apartment in search of a tire pump and Allen key and suddenly my head fogged up and the faucet-like leakiness returned to my nose.  And with the reinstatement of my cold symptoms came a loss of motivation.

I sat on the couch and looked around me.  I saw something I'd been neglecting:  my camera.  Yea, I've been taking pictures but I haven't been really trying.  What I mean by that is I haven't been thinking about the principles of shapes, lighting and patterns; the things that make good photographs.

With this in mind, I thought about how I only have four days left in Florence.  Ged's last day of work is tomorrow and we leave for Cinque Terre on Saturday.  And almost ALL of August will be spent in a tent. Oh gosh.

I snatched my camera and skipped out the door.  I needed to pay tribute to Florence by way of camera, so here are some shots I took today.

Florence as I see it.  (No touristy shots here--just overlooked details.)

Feel the Texture.


City's Mascot.


Street Poetry.


Focus 1.

Focus 2.

Tribal Dance.



  1. I like your Pics and your imagination...

  2. I love the pics. I haven't done much traveling so it's nice to feel that I get a glimpse of the world outside my surroundings.