Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Hi, Barcelona.

Greetings from Barcelona.  Yesterday was my first day of exploration of the city.

I did touristy things like visiting a park and walking down famous streets.

I'm staying at a hostel run by hippies.  It's pretty cool--reggae music is always playing, decorations on the wall are psychedelic and colorful.

Off to the metro I went!

Straight to Guell Park.

I remember studying Gaudi in Art History class when I was 16.  The book's description of Gaudi included words like "undulating" and "organic."

While I did get a sense of these things when I looked at the architecture, I also felt so much more.

I felt like I was in a real-life version of Candy Land, a game I played for hours as a child.  And some of the buildings looked like the gingerbread houses I used to paste together during the holidays as a kid.  Thank you, Gaudi, for taking me back to a time of simplicity and sweetness.

As I was walking down a shady path, I saw a cute inscription on a tree.

I decided to add my own...

I came across a playground shortly after, and you better believe I jumped on a swing while in my childlike mindset.  This was the best pic I could get without dropping my camera.

Lots of dreads in Barcelona.

Then came the famous shopping and people-watching street, La Rambla.

What better way to end the day than watching Le Tour...

Off to the beach for me.



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