Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Next Hero of American Cycling?

Today was an amazing day for cycling.  Today's US Cycling Championship Time Trial was probably one of the most exciting sporting events I've ever witnessed.

Taylor Phinney, a 20-year-old rookie, beat Levi Leipheimer, a veteran professional rider who finishes on the podium often.  And by how much time did Phinney beat Leipheimer??  0.14 seconds!

Here's What Happened:
Peter Stetina (Garmin), who was on his final lap and ahead of Leipheimer, hit a curb after coming out of a roundabout and went down pretty hard.  Cars and motorbikes parked up by the fallen rider and Leipheimer rode by a few seconds later and had to BRAKE to make sure he didn't get in an accident as well.  

So, essentially what I'm saying is that Leipheimer should've won.  But that's sports for you:  unlucky stuff happens all the time and you can't help it.  

Here are some photos from the day:

Phinney getting pumped up before the race:

And then the accident happened...

Here's the Garmin rider as he's coming out of the roundabout.  I didn't see it because I turned to look for the next rider (Leipheimer), but apparently he turned too wide and hit the median.

I think he was just badly winded.

Here's Phinney:

Leipheimer was the last rider in the time trial so we headed back to the finish line to see who was going to win. 

Phinney was there waiting anxiously...

And as soon as Leipheimer crossed the finish line he jerked his head around to look at his time only to find out that he was 0.14 too late.

A victorious Phinney:

A very exciting day overall.  Now we're in the hotel room watching Florida Football against the Tennessee Vols.  Come on Gators!



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