Thursday, September 9, 2010

Introducing, My New Bike

The day has come.

I got a new bike.

Yesterday I test rode the 2011 Scott CR1 Comp (full carbon and 105) I had been eyeing, and it was great.  I could really feel a difference in the stiffness of the frame and the smoothness in shifting.

This is my I'm-so-excited-to-test-ride face:

We headed to Chain Reaction Bicycles across the street from campus and the process began...

The guys at the shop fit me on the trainer to make sure everything was perfect for my 20-mile test ride.

Ged and I cruised along some country roads surrounding Gainesville for a while.  Then he hopped on and rode the Scott to find possible flaws lurking in the frame, gears or wheels.

The only negative things Ged had to say about the bike were:

  • The geometry could be a little more aggressive, meaning the bike's shape should be crafted more for speed.  
    • I disagreed, however, because I'm not a pro rider who's looking to go 70 mph downhill.  No thanks.  I'm interested in longer circuit rides more than anything else, and this frame will ensure comfort more so than a racier build.
  • The rims shouldn't be white because that color shows wear and tear much more quickly than any other.
    • With this point I must agree, but it wasn't enough to deter me from purchasing the bike.
So there you have it.  I'm back in the game and with a stronger machine.  Now where're those damn hills?



  1. Not that its really any of my business, but I'm still trying to figure out you and Ged. I had the impression he was living in Italy, but he must also live in Florida?!

  2. Haha. No worries.

    Yeah, Ged works for a company that requires a lot of traveling, specifically in France and Italy, however, he's currently on vacation and he's visiting me here in Florida.

    Sorry for not mentioning that...


  3. Nice! Especially if that allow you to take wonderful cycling trips together;)