Thursday, September 2, 2010

I Wanna Be Like CAV

Yep.  I said it.  I want to be like Mark Cavendish.  Not in the sense that I want to be born from the Isle of Man, ride for HTC-Columbia or have jacked up teeth.

Very classy, Mark.  (source)

I'm talkin' more along the lines of:  I want to ride a badass SCOTT bike like Cav.

And, my friends, I'm pretty sure that is a possibility.  While it won't exactly be like his, it'll still be a solid machine.

I've been riding for about a year now and it's safe to say I love the sport.  I like the downhill, the flat and, yes, even the climbing sometimes.  With that in mind, I think I'm ready to move up a notch.

The good ol' Trek 1.2 I have now in Gainesville has served me well and done a great job as an entry level bike.


But I think it's time for TWO great changes:

  1. Going full carbon and
  2. Changing the crankset from a triple to a double

And the bike I've been looking at fits both of those requirements.  It's a 2010 Scott CR1 Comp.  Let me introduce you:

Beautiful, no?  And I'm pretty sure I can get a decent price for it.

I still have yet to test ride the bike but that will be remedied sometime next week once I get my suitcase back from Dusseldorf Airport...All of the cycling shorts I own are in that one piece of luggage.  Very valuable suitcase.

Until then, I'm going to dream about the stiff carbon frame and the smooth shifting.



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