Thursday, December 30, 2010

You'll Never Walk Alone

We belong in the forest.  Proof:

Ged and I hiked in Delamere Forest on Tuesday.  It's close to his family home and it was truly beautiful.

There's no snow in those pictures, but when I first arrived in Manchester on Monday, there was snow.


"You'll never walk alone" is the official song of the Liverpool Football Club (soccer team).  It sounded slightly like a love ballad when it was being blasted on the speakers in the stadium last night.  Forty-one thousand fans were singing it together before the game began.

Progression of my thoughts:  "Strange."  "A little cool."  "Magical."

Ged and I headed to Liverpool yesterday to explore the city a bit and then catch a football game in the evening.

Liverpool were playing Wolverhampton, and what a sad game it was...Liverpool lost to a team they shouldn't have lost to..

As the players ran onto the field, the crowd was passing around a large banner.  Felt nice to be a part of a fun tradition.

Ged read articles about the game once we were home...

Earlier in the day, we strolled through the city, walking through Liverpool One (a huge outdoor shopping center), the maritime museum and the old port.

Ged spotted Mont Ventoux while walking...

Liverpool is a nice enough city.  It seemed like a lot of people were there just to shop, though.  The food we had at a nice vegetarian/vegan cafe called The Egg Cafe was nice.



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