Monday, January 3, 2011

For our New Year's celebration, Ged and I stood on a bridge with hundreds of other people watching fireworks explode from the London Eye.

Foot traffic was a bit heavy afterward, but it was a good night.

A few friends had told us that you couldn't drink alcohol on the street in London during New Year's Eve...A LOT of people were drinking and the cops didn't care.  We brought our own stash of drinks--wine in old water bottles.

There were these small hot air balloon contraptions that people were sending into the sky just before the fireworks went off.

It's been really nice to spend time in London again.  The city is always busy and offering something new.

Ged and I stopped by Covent Garden and saw a giant Christmas tree with people kissing under it.

Turns out the lights of the tree turn on once people kiss under it.

Off to Bruges, Belgium.



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