Saturday, January 29, 2011

I'll have some chili, please

Today was the Gainesville Cycling Club's "Chilly Chili Picnic."

I drove to O'leno State Park to meet up with a group to go riding in the morning before the picnic.  Even though it was freezing (I wore shorts--don't own tights yet), I really enjoyed the 47-mile ride.  Plus, it warmed up considerably, and my fellow riders had to peel layers off while I basked in the sunshine.

Then a quick stop at the Suwannee River to refuel...

Before we knew it, we'd arrived at O'leno and declared it "Chili time."  Everything I ate was totally vegan.  So nice to have like-minded people around you.


I'm proud to report that the cornbread I made was a hit.


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