Saturday, December 18, 2010

Birthday Update

I'm officially 21.

I've been having a ball traveling with Ged across Florida, Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana.

Here are just a few pictures of our travels.

We made a trip to the beach in Pensacola (on the panhandle of Florida) to see if the oil spill had affected anything.

We saw a bunch of bulldozers and drills in the distance working in the sand.  Then we saw two women picking up small things from the shoreline and putting them into a bucket.

Ged asked what they were picking up, and the women said they were collecting "oil balls," little pieces of shell or rock that had oil stuck to them.  One of the ladies said she had been doing this for seven months.  Wow.

The little pieces of shell actually smelled like oil.  Pretty disturbing.

After that, we drove to the big naval aviation base in the area.  There was a huge museum we checked out. (the National Naval Aviation Museum)

The base also had a lighthouse and cemetery.  The base was massive.

Was pretty tired after all that...

We're off for more New Orleans revoir.



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