Wednesday, December 15, 2010

On Turning 21

In two days, I will be 21 years old.  I know, that's pretty old.  That's more than two decades...

To celebrate this occasion, Ged and I have embarked on a little adventure of sorts.  We're currently in Pensacola, Fl. (on the panhandle), but we've been to a couple of cool places already.

Cue pictures.

This is the Wakulla Springs lodge in Wakulla Springs, Fl.  It's a state park out in the middle of nowhere in northwest Florida.

A really neat old lodge that was built in 1937.

I was loving this fireplace.  Such a novelty for me.

The ceiling was covered in paintings of wildlife and American Indian designs.

Ged beat me at checkers...

In back of the lodge, there was a swimming area and tons of wildlife.

Super clear water.

Sea cows (aka manatees) were hanging out.


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