Monday, August 23, 2010

Where Le Tour Starts

(note:  Having some slow Internet issues so wasn't able to put as many pics in as I would've liked to)

I went from one of the highest places in France (Col du Tourmalet) to one of the lowest.  Just spent two nights in Noirmoutier, an island on the Atlantic Coast of France, which is where the 2011 Tour de France is starting.  I'm so dedicated to the tour that I'm here 11 months early...

107km in total from Noirmoutier to Pornic and back.

Rode around the area Sunday and traveled across this really cool road called the Passage du Gois, a road that is only usable around times of low tide and submerged in water the rest of the time.

We actually got to ride across it with our bikes!  Really freaky for me to see something like this.  I'm not used to such a dramatic fluctuation in tides.

Thick banks of seaweed about six feet wide bordered the road on both sides.  Massive jellyfish laid in the seaweed.  Loads of tourists with buckets and shovels and nets pillaged the shallow water for crustaceans--mostly mussels and oysters.

The road to Pornic was flat but a bit busy, windy and filled with dead rodents.  Not the most pleasant ride I've been on but I dealt with it.



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