Monday, August 30, 2010

I'm Home.

After traveling 1h30m from London to Dusseldorf and 9h30m from Germany to Miami, I am finally home.

I was welcomed by all the people I love.  And I didn't care one bit that my luggage had been left in Germany because I had my family all around me.

My mom and two grandbabies Austin and Braden.

My brother Ronnie with Braden.

My Aunt Bonnie and Dad making my "Welcome Home" sign.

Sister-in-law Tiffany and Dad.  :)

I have to say that seeing my family on the other side of the doors as I passed through Customs was one of the best feelings of my life.  I was ready to come home.

After a lovely dinner with these beautiful people I drove 4.5 hours to Gainesville, FL, where I go to school.

BUT, before I did leave for Home, I did a few things around the North of England and around London.

Such as...

Ride a big 'ol draft horse named Duke!

[note the tiny sports car that belongs Ged's sister.  There were a few moments where Ged had me fearing for my life as he barreled along the narrow country roads.]

The horse is owned by Ged's aunt and uncle.  It's been more than a year since I've ridden and it felt good to get back on, even if it was on a bulky draft horse.

Aside from equestrian endeavors, we visited a beach.

On Crosby Beach in Sefton there are 100 cast iron figures that stand on the beach facing the sea.  Antony Gromley's art installation, entitled "Another Place," is now a permanent fixture in the area.  The statues are actually replicas of Gromley's own body.
When we arrived at the beach we could only see a dozen or so of the statues.  But the tide quickly receded and they started appearing all over the place.

My final night in Europe was spent in London.  Ged and I checked out the Tate Modern Art Museum and saw King Henry IV at the Globe.  So cool..
One last tube ride...

My summer in Europe was amazing.  By far the most unforgettable summer I've had.  Thank you, Ged, for making all of it possible.  Best.  Boyfriend.  Ever.

Right.  Lot's of schoolwork to attend to, unpacking to do, etc. etc.



  1. We miss you Amanda, please Comeback !

    Thank you for great Shots !
    This Year was the Tour de France much longer than 3 Weeks ;-)

    Thanks for reading my blog!

    And you can be sure that I'll be back in Europe next summer!