Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Pont du Gard

Yesterday we spent a big chunk of the day at the Pont du Gard, the aqueduct that supplied the water to Nimes back in the day.

The weather was great for sunbathing.  Spent a few hours doing that and then checked out the museum just a short walk away from the aqueduct.

We realized that we'd probably do a few things differently if we came here again:

  • NOT pay the 15 euro for entrance to the parking lot.  (The fee includes the museum and other exhibits, which we wouldn't have normally paid to see)
  • Rent a kayak for the day like a bunch of other people had done and paddle along the water under the aqueduct.  It looked like so much fun.
A relaxing day nonetheless, but I would've liked to have seen the Pont du Gard from the viewpoint of our own personal kayak rather than just walk across it like the standard tourist.

Heading to Argeles-Gazost in the Pyrenees today.  More cycling shall ensue...



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