Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A weekday concert and healing

The injuries are healing nicely.  I'm afraid last night's concert didn't help the healing process, but it was loads of fun!

Ged, Ged's boss and I drove three hours from Florence to Milan to see MUSE, Kasabian and Friendly Fires.  A bunch of good English bands.

I was a bit worried about what the Italian crowd would be like when we got there, to be honest.  Everyone had a lunchbox or a backpack and people were sitting on the floor picnicking and smoking cigarettes while the support bands played.

I mean, it would be one thing if the support bands were shit, but they weren't.  Here's a song from Friendly Fires I heard live yesterday.  And people were sitting down during this jam. Although the lead singer had very strange, funky dance moves, I enjoyed the enthusiasm of these guys.

And then Kasabian came on.  There's definitely an element of the "rock star" persona at play with this band.  They're still badasses though.  And one of the guitarists was dressed in white pants and a shirt with an Italian flag on it.  Not sure the Italians picked up the humor in that.

Here's another song I heard last night.

Hot, sweaty and blurry in between sets:

And then there was MUSE.  The crowd went nuts when they came on. People rushed toward the stage and started screaming and moshing and jumping around like monkeys.  It was great.

There were some epic chants during their set.  MUSE are really good at making songs that inspire a rebellious, anti-government attitude.  This was the first song they played:

The stage had a platform that stretched out over the crowd.  Pretty neat effect.

The night was long and fun.  We arrived in Florence at 3 a.m. dirty and sleepy but satisfied nonetheless.

What's a really great concert you've been to?


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