Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The ride that took a year: i DIDNT crash this time

Hello from the farm.  I've been working outside for the last week and loving it:  the thump of small apples hitting the ground as I prune the trees, the scents of basil, rosemary and thyme surprising me as I walk to the garden and chickens clucking and pecking all around me.  Yes, this is the life for me.

I spent the weekend away from the farm and on the east coast.  We stayed in the small town next to Rimini called Riccione.

The objective:  complete the ride we were supposed to finish last year without crashing.

It was a little spooky being in the exact same campground, wearing the exact same jersey and riding the exact same route.

I remember the climb being a lot harder for me last year.  This time it was actually pleasant in the sense that I got into a rhythm.

Before we knew it, we had reached San Marino.

We walked our bikes up to the very top (not a good choice in cycling shoes--almost fell).

Then dropped down to the place where I had my accident and stopped to take a moment and reflect.

Ged asked if I was feeling emotional.  I wasn't feeling emotional so much as ashamed.  I can't believe I wrecked my bike and my body so stupidly last year.  The turn wasn't even that steep or sharp.  All I could think to myself was "IDIOT."

And even though I felt foolish for having crashed, Ged reminded me of just how far I've come.

I've ridden up Alpe d'Huez...twiceMont VentouxCol du Tourmalet and more.

Also, I didn't have thoughts of sheer anger and doom in my head as I did the climb to San Marino this time around.  I may have been plotting Ged's death last year as my legs struggled to turn the crank.

Where I crashed:

Note the particularly bright colors of the chevrons, the ones I ignored last year.

The final kilometers back to the campsite were all flat, so Ged and I stayed around 30-33km/hr and zoomed back.

Total distance:  80km

The rain came shortly after we ate and showered but the landscape (especially on the drive back) was incredible.


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