Sunday, July 3, 2011

Farm #2

I've just spent a whole week on a different farm as part of my WWOOFing adventure.

This is the second farm I've worked on and I must say, it's completely different from my first experience.

I'm going to be honest about the first farm:  I didn't feel welcome or included there.  Maybe it just wasn't a good fit for me.  No one really talked to me and I couldn't even understand dinner table conversations (which were in Italian) because they mumbled and spoke quickly.

This second farm seems to have a much better atmosphere.  The house is made of stone, the family barely uses electricity and most everything is done by hand or very simple machines (unlike the five giant tractors that the other farm had...and barely used).

The husband and wife are so incredibly nice and always make sure that I and the other WWOOFer understand what they're saying, whether it be in Italian, French or Spanish (they don't speak English).

Not to mention a litter of adorable kittens.

And it's nice to have company in my room.  Meet Andrianne, a WWOOFer from Quebec.

I'm in Florence for the weekend, which is the only way I can update this blog because the Internet on the farm is not very reliable.  Fine with me, I don't need it.


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